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Race Result

Racer: Dan Grove
Race: Luray International Triathlon
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2007
Location: Luray, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 55 - 59
Time: 3:13:24
Age Group Place: 6 / 9
Comment: Bad day on a great course

Race Report:

I do these races for fun, knowing I'll never win anything, but this day was the least fun I've had in ages. I chose to wear a wetsuit for the swim, and that part went OK except that my calves started cramping in the water. Coming out onto the beach David Glover said "Hey Dan, look up!" - I probably had a very unhappy expression on my face when I did. In T1, it took forever to get the wetsuit off because straightening the toes hurt so much. Swim 31:11. T1 4:28

I rode the bike with my heels down to stretch the calves, popped a couple of Endurolytes, and settled in as best I could. Every time I stood up on a hill the cramps began to return, though, and I had to keep the heels low while standing, too. I got off the bike to stretch, and mentally checked out - just finish, go easy. Bike 1:34:50 T2 1:42

The run was painful, stopping to stretch and walk several times. I'm in better running shape this year than at any time in the last decade, but there wasn't anything there. Run 1:00:35

After the race it got fun again, hanging out with some of the gang and meeting a few new people. It's a truly beautiful course, and David Glover and Greg Hawkins always do it up right. Thanks to them and all the volunteers, and congrats to all the RATS!

My next race is Reston, and I hope to get back on the "fun" track - my first triathlon was Reston 1987, so it will be a big anniversary.